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Sparkling design by Ton Haas.

Another stunning design by Ton Haas where once again, as in the world-famous Coral chair, the structure and strength is created by the rib underneath the seat.

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A self-stabilising table base, designed to perfection.

Meeting the everyday needs of cafes and restaurants, NOROCK table bases self-stabilise on uneven indoor and alfresco surfaces, while exhibiting a world-leading design aesthetic.


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Wave series

Best-of-the-best RedDot award 2018

Designer Boris Berlin:
‘The main element of the 5-Waves chair design is its innovative injection-molded shell with dynamic seating comfort and supporting the body without restricting its movement.’

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Diverse colours and 6(!) different sizes.


Easily stackable, robust, lightweight and an outstanding sitting comfort.

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Series of multifunctional chairs.

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