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Furniture addicts.

Sander van Doorn is a furniture addict through and through. The kind of person that, regardless of where he is, always upends a chair to marvel at its underside.
His ‘ furniture career ‘ began with delivery of semi-manufactured products to the Dutch furniture industry. To this end, he has as much insight into the production and marketing aspects as he does in the supply -side of things.

He later went on to establish the idiosyncratic Workware brand for office (contract) and project -based chairs which, boasting a highly respected network outside of The Netherlands, led to collaborations with great designers such as Giancarlo Piretti.

His big international breakthrough came with a collaboration with designer Ton Haas in the creation of Harechair, the Dutch high-end synthetic material chair label. The Harechair chairs have been shipped literally around the globe. The Coral and the Moire from this collection won diverse awards, including the Red Dot and IF-design award. It’s no exaggeration to cite these two chairs as having become design classics in their own right. Pretty unique for a Dutch brand! It is quite remarkable is that the many products of which Sander has had a hand in are still in production and being sold today.

Mini Transat 2017

Sander gained major life experiences when he embarked on a solo Transatlantic race in his thoroughbred of a 6.5 metre racing yacht in 2017. A race of nearly 8,000 km that would find him alone at sea ,deprived of any form of day to day communication save that of a VHF marine radio telephone. No ports, no safe havens, no snack bars and no outside assistance. Just an infinite ocean with waves as big as houses and merciless squalls. Where the daily routine would be decided by the circumstances,where day and night merge. The harsh conditions and the relentless assault on one’s physical and mental well-being tempered with flexibility, insight and stamina: these are all the ingredients that form you as a person. A race that wasn’t without its dangers. An extremely solid preparation , together with the shore team,hours of practice and hard training to conquer the race whatever the conditions.

And that is precisely what is needed in our business world today.

The wind and the waves rule and you steer your course accordingly.